What students say about De-armouring Tutorials!

"Hours and hours of material! Most of the questions you have asked yourself at some point regarding Dearmouring and bodywork will be answered in here. You can sit quietly in your own place and review things again and again. It is transmitted in an easily understandable way and full of wisdom. I warmly recommend De'ans Tutorial as an additional tool to your training!" ... Susanne Roursgaard The Gaia Method (TM)

"De’an’s De-armouring tutorial videos are both efficient & accessible, whilst providing tremendous depth and insight for beginning and experienced practitioners alike. So intentional they are inviting viewers to be as informed and supported as possible, the videos cover every imaginable issue, angle, and aspect regarding the De-armouring practice.

Clarifying everything from the integrity & boundaries necessary to create the safest space possible, to the philosophy and practice, he is both candid and available, while also straight-forward and clear.

Furthermore, his availability in responding to questions in each video’s comments section allows for a kind of virtual apprenticeship.

I especially appreciate the written commentaries as the demos unfold in real time, allowing us to both observe his body respond to the energy of the client, whilst understanding how and why he is responding to the client in the ways that he does.

A very unique virtual training resource one can return to again and again, and continue to learn from as one’s expertise deepens in this very efficient and effective empowering embodiment process." ... Rahi

"I purchased this course in the hope to get in-depth training on de-armouring and I definitely got that! Every practitioner has their own way of working and I love the way De’an works. He is calm, grounded and knowledgeable. His integrity is amazing and I love how he puts a lot of emphasis on the responsibility you have as a practitioner. He also teaches about the small but very important details of this work, details that are often forgotten or overlooked. The videos are informative and give a great insight into de-armouring. I love that you can watch the video’s as often as you like, so you can hear and see new things every time. De’an is readily available to answer any questions you have, either in writing or in a new video he will record and upload. I would highly recommend this training if you are looking to deepen your knowledge on de-armouring." ... Michelle

"After joining this course I could not believe the vast amount of knowledge and hidden gem's I found in all the video's. De'an shares everything in a very approachable way. And the possibility of asking questions about specific subjects of interest is great. It's a terrific way to start learning about de-armouring or like me expanding my knowledge base with great techniques. Thank you De'an for bringing this out to all of us"... Marco

"My compliments De'an. These videos are very useful, even for someone like me who has done many trainings with your de-armouring school. Every time I watch them I see and hear new elements that further deepen my understanding of the technique. The way you clarify everything step by step is very clear. I recommend everyone watching these videos, and also to take part in De'an's offline training, because it's such a beautiful way to go deep into your own process, and it helps you understand your clients better. Thank you"... Maries

“ Thank you De’an for being with me 24/7 with your wisdom, experience, warm guidance and knowledge in the field of De-armouring.
I return to your tutorial videos again and again, continuously deepen by understanding and gaining new insights as a practitioner.
I often review the videos after a de- armouring session if a new question comes up.
Afterwards I practice and integrate my deeper understanding.
I am very grateful and I feel supported having the videos available on my life long journey as a body worker🙏🏽“ ... Louise

"I can fully recommend De’an’s online Dearmouring Tutorials! Very gently, slowly and passionately he guides you into the depth of body Dearmouring! Even though the videos cannot replace the experiencing of being in touch with a real person, they are full of wisdom and knowledge and guidance! Very inspiring indeed!" ... Sandra

"After finishing the Basic Training I understood, how important is to have the personal experience of what is de-armouring, especially with the guidance of the teachers. And it is true that this experience can not be substituted by learning from other sources of information, like watching videos or reading books. But after having the experience of the Basic Training I find that the tutorials offer me an invaluable source of learning. It is filled with hours of important information's. And for me this way of learning gives me a unique opportunity that I can formulate in the following questions: Where could I afford the luxury to stop the teacher any time? Rewind, slow and stop any moment of the teaching? And make De'an repeat himself any time, for as many times I need? Practically nowhere, but only here in these tutorials."... Peter

"De'an shares everything in a very approachable way.
These videos are very useful, even for someone who has done trainings with your de-armouring school.
If I have questions, I can find the answers and deepen my knowledge.
I especially appreciate that I can watch whenever I wish.
I can fully recommend De’an’s online Dearmouring Tutorial.
Thank you De'an." ... Annelie