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Thank you for your trust. I value it, and will do my best to share

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"I can fully recommend De’an’s online Dearmouring Tutorials! Very gently, slowly and passionately he guides you into the depth of body Dearmouring! Even though the videos cannot replace the experiencing of being in touch with a real person, they are full of wisdom and knowledge and guidance! Very inspiring indeed!" ... Sandra

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"After joining this course I could not believe the vast amount of knowledge and hidden gem's I found in all the video's. De'an shares everything in a very approachable way. And the possibility of asking questions about specific subjects of interest is great. It's a great way to start learning about de-armouring, or like me expanding my knowledge base with great techniques. Thank you De'an for bringing this out to all of us"... Marco

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Where are the Dearmouring Tutorials?
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